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Aw, I wanted to like tall glasses guy, I liked his character design. But he’s kind of a jerk. Ah well, there’s still short glasses guy to look forward to. And I do like orange hair protag.

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Hello friends! Call this a little experiment, or test. First of all, we are opening our store to test the waters. It is open now, but we have all but one thing set to “coming soon” status.

What we have for you today is a first edition limited run of Strawberry. Strawberry is different from our other plushes. She’s 16” High, and more than 50% will be donated.
She is $50, and $35 of each sale will go directly to k9kastlecorp They are a non-profit rescue group that is in need of funding. They owe too much money for vet bills to continue saving lives. They frequently save the lives of disabled, injured, pregnant or elderly cats. The fact that they cannot continue doing this is heartbreaking, so we decided to test this way of raising funds! This will also be a little test on how our store operates!

If we manage to sell all 30, we can send them over $1,000 and they can get back to doing what they do best.

You can also donate directly to them here:

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU ORDER A STRAWBERRY, THE SHIPPING DATE WILL BE AROUND AUGUST 15TH. These are all handmade, and we also rely on a third party to print our fabric, so thank you for understanding that these take some time to produce. Thank you so much!


sexual preference: men in expensive suits with protective instincts

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But that’s precisely why I should. I know what i’m getting myself into. I have training. What if I left you behind and some random stranger came upon you? They’d be brutally unprepared.

Fine but you’re dragging me because I am on the ground and I am not okay

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Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting it?

The keyboard? How do?

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I mean if it’s not contagious I might as well bring you along. You’re fun, I like you.

But then you have to put up with me and you already know what that’s like


i wonder how many people im in the “id be down if you asked” zone with

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When will my keys return home from war

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Who’s the character of choice this week?

The constant

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A problem without a cure.

Go on without me

  • sext: i got you tickets for the san diego comic con
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I mean you're a pretty good friend most* days. *Most: I did not start record keeping on our friendship until at least the second year.

Coverage of reports include all records, not missing records

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i think i forgot how to breathe

first pic: family outing. second pic: cover of boy band cd

Fuck. shit. maki’s yukata is two unrelated colors and patterns. naruko’s lightning bolts. and then hakogaku the entire picture is an experience. fukutomi is being attacked by fun and he can’t deal. izumida is like SENPAI IS PLAYING A GAME WITH ME I MAY EXPLODE. arakita is about to murder manami but manami loves to die. toudou is beautiful and posing for an invisible camera like always

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I have a problem

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Psst no you are more than okay friend


the okayest